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Plane ticket to Canada booked.

  1. simplymaterial said: FUN FUN FUN FUN! LOOKING FORWARD TO CANADAAAA. Tell me I did not just go there.
  2. stormqueen said: MY HOMELAND!
  3. upinhighheels said: Oh, enjoy, Vancouver is amazing! And visit Whistler, it’s great. Victoria is nice too. And good luck finding Lana over there! ;)
  4. hairofgoldeyesofblue said: You’re going to hang out in Steveston/Vancouver,I’m guessing? When are you going? This season or next season? Haha
  5. aposse said: Alex and I will be holding up a “frivolousbitch” sign!
  6. zomgitsthedarkknight said: When are you going! I’m going with a friend at the end of March :D
  7. frenchevilregal said: Yeah !!!!!!! Enjoy your trip ! It’s an amazing city (i mean Vancouver ^^).
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